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CNC turning and milling, precision TIG welding, and fabrication
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Our in-house production processes include CNC turning and milling, precision tungsten/inert gas welding, and fabrication.  Whenever possible, we source the highest quality domestic materials, and contract for services locally and in person. There simply is no substitute for a direct relationship with the people involved in your project or for first hand experience with the pieces in play.  We take great care when building, whether we’re creating special technicians tools for research, unique fiber optic support infrastructure for a major television broadcaster, simple, elegant stainless steel structural accents on a residential mahogany deck, or a prototype for a new design.  We specialize in one of a kind to low volume production that allows us to keep standards high and devote proper attention to detail.

We are experienced with alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, bronze and plastics.   Designs are digitally rendered and our CNC machines programmed with the X9, 2015 release of MasterCam CAD/CAM software.

Electronic design files are accepted in most formats.


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